While some eyes on on the upcoming smart watch from Apple, there are plenty of options available — and soon to be available — that sync with your Android device. Thanks to Google developing a platform specifically for smart watches, more manufacturers are trying their hand at this sort of wearable tech, which means competitive prices should make smart watches more accessible. Here are four of the most exciting Android smart watches.

A Pebble in a Pond

Perhaps the most well-known smart watch is Pebble, which was crowd funded on Kickstarter says Jason Hope. It doesn’t just work with Android, so iOS users can opt for this smart watch, which is compatible with a variety of apps. Pebble has come a long way since its inception. While Pebble ships with a standard silicone band, you can easily swap out a more expensive watch band for use with the watch.

Android Wear for Smart Watches


Several smart watches available for Android run on the Android Wear platform, which allows you to specify which alerts you’ll receive and the apps you’d like to use on your smart watch. Watches, including the Samsung Gear Live and LG G, enable Google Now to work on the device on your wrist just like it does in Google Chrome or on an Android-powered smartphone. The experience between these devices is relatively similar as you’ll see with the Gear Live and G.

The Big 3 Smart Watches?

Of course, Samsung didn’t take long to come out with its own smart watch, which the company pedaled heavily along with the Galaxy S III. The original gear synched data, shows communications and played music from an Android phone. Samsung followed it up with the improved Gear 2 and the super-slim Gear Neo. This summer, the company released a new version, the Gear Live, which employs the newest updates to Google Now to allow for voice controls.smartwatches-samsung-qualcomm-sony-640x353

A lesser-known smart watch on the market is by LG, which lags behind Samsing in smartphone sales. The simply-named LG G is the ideal companion for an Android device, even those not made by the company. It looks a bit like the iPod Nano with several pre-installed apps. The G comes with 4 gigs of its own RAM, and a 280-by-280 pixel resolution, which is pretty impressive for such a small device. The manufacturer is counting on the various straps available to lure in fashion-conscientious consumers.

The final smart watch wandroid_wear_moto_360e’ve had out eye on is the Moto 360, which hasn’t yet been released. Since Google now owns Motorola, we expect that this will integrate beautifully with Android. This watch, too, will run on Android Wear, and it’s more likely that this effort at wearable technology with resonate with consumers as a whole than Google Glass did. Moto’s 360 stands out because of the round face, the first circular design we’ve seen with smart watches. The actual watch interface is gorgeous and traditional while Google promises an intuitive experience.

Of course, there are plenty of smart watches from smaller companies.